Websearch Launcher Software How It Works?

Web Search Tutorials for Websearch Launcher Software We did make a special Interactive Explaining Video ideal for user who want to watch and learn fast about Websearch Launcher Free Software they can easily see How It Works? you are able to click some buttons in the video self and the video will automatic play related on that button title. The video works as this it will play the intro video and then it will show the main menu with buttons like [settings]>(this will quick explain what you can do in the settings from Websearch Launcher) , [selection search in active browser] , [selection translate in active browser] , [selection search in second browser] , [selection translate in second browser] - With Websearch Launcher you can save lots of time and still get the best search and translation results from google and other search engines, you can go to any kind of websites or programs from there you can quick select text and then click on a variety of search engine buttons, you can repeat it and compare it and then choose the best results. Websearch Launcher will work crosswise on almost any programs and any browsers Firefox Browser Mozilla, Google Browser Chrome, Opera Browser, Internet Explorer, and more.

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Click on the animation image below to play the interactive video tutorial.

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Settings in Websearch Launcher

There's a unique Method for Searching Google and other Search Engines through accuracy, in Websearch Launcher Settings you have the options to improve all your Google Search Results, you can for example quick enable/disable checkbox phase search after that the functionality works on all your selected text and it will be done with a phase search (you will get the search results without spreading the words that you did select and without alternative words)  and with checkbox intitle: search you will get google search results based on Meta Title's -  checkbox inurls: search you will get the google search results based on url addresses - intext: search checkbox you get google search results based on website body text. - checkbox inanchor: search you will get google search results based on text from clickable links. checkbox link: search with this you'll be able to select text (any-webpage.com) and then you will get Google search Results that is pointed/linked to that website (named as backlinks) - checkbox site: search with this you can select text (any-webpage.com) and  you will get only the search results from that website. checkbox related: search you will get the Google search results associated to the 1st word that you had selected.

web search launcher

Selection Search in Active Browser

Websearch Launcher is the best selection search tool on the planet it does work in almost any search engines and any applications, you do not need to check where you did select the text and if you are working in a browser or program, the computer now's exact if it must do the search in active browser or not. if the browser is not active it will do automatic run first the default browser.  

selection search results in active browser

Selection Translate in Active Browser

Websearch Launcher offers also a wide range of translations engines, this is the ideal selection translate tool in active browser or active programs and it works on almost any windows system, you can repeat check/compare the translation results without to must have to select the same text again.

Selection Search in Second Browser

If you want to stay on your active website and you want to get the search results without to must have leaving your active website, then you can simple enable the checkbox [stay on website....] in the settings from Websearch Launcher, after that you are able to do selection search in the first browser and then get all your search results in the second browser.

stay on webpage and do a google search

Selection Translate in Second Browser

And if you want to do selection translate in second browser you can then in the settings from Websearch Launcher very quick enable the checkbox (stay on webpage...). this will give you the opportunity to select text in first browser and get the translations into second browser. 

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